Sins of the Mother

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Book 1 of the Maiden, Mother Crone Series

All Isabelle wants is a history. She invents one, only to learn the story she’s writing is real. The demons from her mothers past want her soul, for the darkness inside to be set free, for the doors between realities to be opened. The war for Isabelle’s soul has begun.

Sins of the Mother, a fantasy novel weaving in elements of horror and magical realism, will appeal to readers who enjoy dark, psychologically complex genre-benders such as Victor LaValle’s The Changeling or the magical realism in Keith Donohue’s The Stolen Child. The first book in the series, the story is told by three women- a Maiden, a Mother, and a Crone.


Sins Of the Mother is a book which will drive you crazy–if you like to sleep at night.  It is so rare anymore to find a gripping horror/fantasy story combined with great writing, but Sins Of The Mother has got it all.  Its story sucks in the reader, step by step, slowly twisting reality through the thoughts and words of the three main characters.  The Author’s writing flows effortlessly; it is just excellent..  Descriptions of locations and situations take readers firmly along for the ride and the darkening twists and turns are a Stephen Kingish, page-turning trap.  Anyone remotely interested in the horror/fantasy genre and great writing needs to get this book. But be warned, readers of Sins Of The Mother, the first installment of three, will like me be obsessively  checking again and again for the next book in the series.  Highly recommended. 

Wayne D. McFarland

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