Part of Welcome to Effham Falls

Prepare yourself now for Effham Falls, Minnesota. The stories that follow traverse a terrain that includes both the literary and the supernatural, but no matter the genre, the characters here in this place face hard choices. How can a woman dispose of the ashes of a man who mistreated her in life? What mystery lies behind the discovery of a ring with a finger still attached? What mission brings a stranger from distant St. Paul? Demons and doppelgangers and antique dolls capable of possession await in these pages. Both books and bookstores may become doorways to magic. How far will the characters go to find fortune, even if it means resorting to robbery, cheating, or braving a curse? The only thing certain in Effham Falls, is that nothing will quite be the same again.

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Part of Fear Forge: Spring Quarter 2023 Edition

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March 1st, 2023

The Last Door

Part of Tales from the Frozen North: A Winter Anthology

Billy rolled over and hit snooze. His dog, Arlo, jumped on the bed, licked his face with reckless abandon, urging him out of bed. He playfully swatted Arlo and rubbed his head. “Enough. I know what time it is.”

Outside the snow swirled into large pillowy drifts. Maybe school would be canceled today?

He gathered his winter gear and proceeded to get dressed as Arlo’s tail waved in anticipation. He gazed at his dog, “I’m hurrying.”

Roadkill Surprise

Part of The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021

A savage cry cut through the forest.

Animals of all sizes stood at rapt attention. Minutes passed. Ears twitched and nostrils flared. A small creature broke from the snowy undergrowth and dashed towards freedom, zigzagging around tree trunks and diving through thickets of thorns, employing whatever acrobatics it could to keep death at bay.

A darkness blacker than the shadows followed. Rage built inside. The hunger grew. The tiny morsel wouldn’t sedate its appetite. The creature desired flesh—tender and sweet, and blood, rich and warm.

Two Bobby’s

Part of The Horror Writers Network Anthology Gates of Chaos.

Cha·os /ˈkāˌäs/ complete disorder and confusion.

Assaulted from all directions by natural disasters, political upheavals and viral pandemics, we often feel we are living in a time of chaos. But imagine how much worse things can get. We still sleep in our warm beds, are able to eat, to drive, to vote, to think freely. Are we truly living in a time of chaos, or do we merely stand on the precipice, waiting at the gates? Can we possibly imagine the true horror that awaits us on the other side?

Sins of the Mother

Book 1 of the Maiden, Mother Crone Series

Is working on finding a new home

All Isabelle wants is a history. She invents one, only to learn the story she’s writing is real. The demons from her mothers past want her soul, for the darkness inside to be set free, for the doors between realities to be opened. The war for Isabelle’s soul has begun.