Roadkill Surprise in The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021 Paperback

Since 2009, The Horror Zine has published exceptional horror fiction by emerging talent and today’s leading authors. Editor Jeani Rector selects only the most inventive and captivating tales for each issue. In addition to short fiction, The Horror Zine features amazing poetry and artwork. Now The Horror Zine brings you the dark delights from the ezine into a print magazine.

The Summer 2021 issue features Maureen O’Leary, Michael J. Moore, Timothy Wilkie, Roger Cowin, Michael Burke, Chris Stenson, Dan A. Cardoza, Marlon S. Hayes, William Falo, Dacre Stoker and Dr. Chris McAuley, Jessica Daly, William Couper, Joseph V. Danoski, Claire T. Feild, Fred R. Kane, Patricia L. Stover, Stephanie Smith, Donna Dallas, M.J. Holmes, John Grey, Yuan Hongri, Sharmila Mitra, Marlon S. Hayes, Steven Translateur, Elen Mart, Vera Chemysheva, J.B. Lee, Liliia Beda, Igor Vitkovskiy, and Aldo Lira.

Roadkill Surprise is a short story in The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021 Edition

A savage cry cut through the forest.

Animals of all sizes stood at rapt attention. Minutes passed. Ears twitched and nostrils flared. A small creature broke from the snowy undergrowth and dashed towards freedom, zigzagging around tree trunks and diving through thickets of thorns, employing whatever acrobatics it could to keep death at bay.

A darkness blacker than the shadows followed. Rage built inside. The hunger grew. The tiny morsel wouldn’t sedate its appetite. The creature desired flesh—tender and sweet, and blood, rich and warm.

Chris Stenson

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Horror zine is a jewel in the horror community. Over the years, the editor has ensure that the high
quality is maintained. Top notch horror writers often appear in the horror zine, both in terms of interviews and stories. Keep up the great work.

BiggyD, Amazon, October 9, 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All the stories are well written, with many fine and memorable moments. Poetry is excellent, artwork superb. Overall, a very interesting and entertaining read.

Joseph Danoski, Amazon, August 23, 2021

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Quality from cover to cover. If you like contemporary horror, this Zine is for you.

DTTD, Amazon, September 15, 2021

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