Chris Stenson is an aspiring author who is working on getting his first book published, Sins of the Mother in his series Maiden Mother Crone, a fantasy, mystery novel series using a little bit of Norwegian folk magic.



  • Sins of the Mother
    All Isabelle wants is a history. She invents one, only to learn the story she’s writing is real. The demons from her mothers past want her soul, for the darkness inside to be set free, for the doors between realities to be opened. The war for Isabelle’s soul has begun.
  • Two Bobby’s in the The Gates of Chaos Anthology
    “The darkness of the stairway seemed to swallow Bobby as he ascended. He made careful steps, his favorite blanket clutched in his fingers, thrown over his shoulder like a protective cape. He sensed something was wrong before the smell crinkled his freckled nose. A rotten, earthy aroma floated down from the second floor. He stopped at the top of the stairs; the dread of the unknown prickled his skin.”

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