Roadkill Surprise in The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021 Paperback

Since 2009, The Horror Zine has published exceptional horror fiction by emerging talent and today’s leading authors. Editor Jeani Rector selects only the most inventive and captivating tales for each issue. In addition to short fiction, The Horror Zine features amazing poetry and artwork. Now The Horror Zine brings you the dark delights from the ezine into a print magazine.

The Summer 2021 issue features Maureen O’Leary, Michael J. Moore, Timothy Wilkie, Roger Cowin, Michael Burke, Chris Stenson, Dan A. Cardoza, Marlon S. Hayes, William Falo, Dacre Stoker and Dr. Chris McAuley, Jessica Daly, William Couper, Joseph V. Danoski, Claire T. Feild, Fred R. Kane, Patricia L. Stover, Stephanie Smith, Donna Dallas, M.J. Holmes, John Grey, Yuan Hongri, Sharmila Mitra, Marlon S. Hayes, Steven Translateur, Elen Mart, Vera Chemysheva, J.B. Lee, Liliia Beda, Igor Vitkovskiy, and Aldo Lira.

Roadkill Surprise is a short story in The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021 Edition

A savage cry cut through the forest.

Animals of all sizes stood at rapt attention. Minutes passed. Ears twitched and nostrils flared. A small creature broke from the snowy undergrowth and dashed towards freedom, zigzagging around tree trunks and diving through thickets of thorns, employing whatever acrobatics it could to keep death at bay.

A darkness blacker than the shadows followed. Rage built inside. The hunger grew. The tiny morsel wouldn’t sedate its appetite. The creature desired flesh—tender and sweet, and blood, rich and warm.

Chris Stenson

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Sins of the Mother

Working on finding a new home.

Book 1 of the Maiden, Mother Crone Series

All Isabelle wants is a history. She invents one, only to learn the story she’s writing is real. The demons from her mothers past want her soul, for the darkness inside to be set free, for the doors between realities to be opened. The war for Isabelle’s soul has begun.

Sins of the Mother, a fantasy novel weaving in elements of horror and magical realism, will appeal to readers who enjoy dark, psychologically complex genre-benders such as Victor LaValle’s The Changeling or the magical realism in Keith Donohue’s The Stolen Child. The first book in the series, the story is told by three women- a Maiden, a Mother, and a Crone.


Sins Of the Mother is a book which will drive you crazy–if you like to sleep at night.  It is so rare anymore to find a gripping horror/fantasy story combined with great writing, but Sins Of The Mother has got it all.  Its story sucks in the reader, step by step, slowly twisting reality through the thoughts and words of the three main characters.  The Author’s writing flows effortlessly; it is just excellent..  Descriptions of locations and situations take readers firmly along for the ride and the darkening twists and turns are a Stephen Kingish, page-turning trap.  Anyone remotely interested in the horror/fantasy genre and great writing needs to get this book. But be warned, readers of Sins Of The Mother, the first installment of three, will like me be obsessively  checking again and again for the next book in the series.  Highly recommended. 

Wayne D. McFarland

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Two Bobby’s in the The Gates of Chaos Anthology

Cha·os /ˈkāˌäs/ complete disorder and confusion.

Assaulted from all directions by natural disasters, political upheavals and viral pandemics, we often feel we are living in a time of chaos. But imagine how much worse things can get. We still sleep in our warm beds, are able to eat, to drive, to vote, to think freely. Are we truly living in a time of chaos, or do we merely stand on the precipice, waiting at the gates? Can we possibly imagine the true horror that awaits us on the other side?

In 2020, amidst the panic and confusion of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the online group Horror Writers Net tasked its most twisted and deranged minds with imagining the worst. This anthology of 20 short tales of Horror fiction is the result of their efforts. A work of passion and fear, the collection features illustrations by pen & ink artist Will Jacques, and stories by B.T. Noonan, Jesse D’Angelo, N.M. Brown, Wayne Hartshorn, Florence Ann Marlowe, Adam Michael Dodds-Wade, Brianna Van Riet, James Miles, Valkyrie Kerry, Nelson Hurley, Chris Stenson, Scott Dyson, Jim Falcon, and Rob Harman.

Pass through these gates at your own risk.

Two Bobby’s is part of The Horror Writers Network Anthology Gates of Chaos.

The darkness of the stairway seemed to swallow Bobby as he ascended. He made careful steps, his favorite blanket clutched in his fingers, thrown over his shoulder like a protective cape. He sensed something was wrong before the smell crinkled his freckled nose. A rotten, earthy aroma floated down from the second floor. He stopped at the top of the stairs; the dread of the unknown prickled his skin. – Chris Stenson

Drawn by Will Jacques

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Nice mix of author styles. Stories were well written. It really explained how people were feeling through the pandemic like we were all going crazy at times.

Amazon Customer, July 6, 2021

My favorite story so far is Two Bobbies. I have been blown away by this story in the anthology. The imagery is tangible and evokes such incredible emotion from me as both a reader and a parent. It is incredibly suspenseful with a twist ending!

I highly recommend the anthology with this story being, for me, the crowning piece!

Sadie D. Mendenhall-Cariveau, Amazon, June 10, 2021

Several excellent stories, for which I recommend this anthology for those alone.

Rob Harman, Goodreads, June 4, 2021

It had some very different stories. Good read.

Amazon Customer, May 2, 2021

I think the first thing that was really fetching about this anthology wasn’t just the solid collection of stories, but also the fantastic collection of artwork proceeding each story. Kinda gives it the feel of a Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, except for adults. The artwork was fascinating and I appreciate the added effort.

Reed Alexander Horror Reviews, April 22, 2021

Overall, a great concept and a good effort. I would have enjoyed it more if the pandemic was more in the forefront of the stories – however, who really wants to think about the pandemic anymore anyway.

M. Todd, Goodreads, March 08, 2021
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